Hotel San Sebastian

by Hotel San Sebastian

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engineered by Chris Steiner and Zach Lein. Produced by Zach Lein and Hotel San Sebastian. Cover art by Luke Rogness


released 15 January 2013

Hotel San Sebastian is: Foster Kardos, Woodrow Stulberg, Alex Richter, Alex Kelly. This record is FREE. Click "Buy Now" and enter in 0 dollars and you will be able to download it for free!



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Track Name: Seagreen Telephone
Far below our sea of green
had turned a violent rusty red
shock and awe shook us from our tree

torn from us but not torn from me
two towers falling into a cloud of gray

we can talk about this
we are always okay

Neptune blooms again tonight
far from us although
1 shadow rose and fell in 2
Now I recall a light so bright
I'm sure it made me blind
to all and everyone I use to know

how long before you hit the ground?
you just shook and shook and shook around.

we can talk about this.
we can see and sway.
Track Name: Warpain
Shock and stock
unlocking trees
windows autumn
brownish view
apple falling
grass imbued
chain-link fences
penny laces


paper ash-tray
calculate washing receipts
empty head
of sleeping slates
sleet covers up our
conquered streets


hush yourself.
you've been talking out-loud
awfully loud
extremely loud.
hush yourself.
you've been talking out-loud
Track Name: Cloud Forest
Whats the forecast?
Whens it going to rain
down on this parade?
the clouds will fill the sky.
wonder, what's that like?

Now we're going to try
to open up your mind.
wonder, what that's like
to always be inside:
where 2 and 2 make 4
when's it going to pour?
you're just on a hook
waiting to be swallowed.
Track Name: You Tattoo
who you fooling
with that tongue, given up
give it up.
you can't sing those songs
like you were young
when she was that bright yellow drug

When we would lay
in the summers shade
When we would lay

After you wrote it
curse those words,
curse those words from your
you can't separate,
feeling numb.
After we're all said
and gone.

Then we will lay
in the the summers shade
then we will lay
Track Name: Heavy Kisser
Write down inside your heart,
let go of all the sorrow.
Afraid of what?
Ain't no crooked shake gonna
take the best of me.
I misunderstood.
we're misunderstood.

You're just looking for a pattern.
This is your time, so make it matter.
You sacrifice another life, to live your life.
(preaching through a cordless frame)
I wonder what will shake this spell.
(judge in me for what I say)
I wonder what, we'll make a pattern.
I wonder what, we'll make it matter.
(dust bin, solar flare)
Track Name: Tinnitus
Jesse's in the back seat
throwing up the medicine
he took to make him better
and the ants out on the ant hill
taking turns, making eyes, at the queen
jury in the rear view peeking at my new coupe

squeaky siren music well it sells it for the kids
don't you think we're better? don't you think we're fed up?

I was in the front seat driving to the hospital
to fix him before night under electric neon candlelight
sleep and dream alright I guess you'll find inside your mind
everything is better when you just consider yourself the light.

radiant silence.
radiant progress.

maze inside my palm, trees left a mark.

one that sucked your thumb, pulp inside the bark..